Les Bonbons Richard

1997 was a year that brought a number of improvements including one that allowed Robert Richard and his team to process product at very high temperatures and have it retain its colour when poured. It would be several more years before colleague Gilles Plasse joined the team and resolved certain difficulties related to crystallization. This led to higher processing speeds, improved unmolding procedures and higher production volumes. Robert and Gilles also developed a new depositing system (at the Alitech plant in Bauharnois) and the collaboration led to further innovations in pouring, pumping, tunnel cooling and molding.

Les BONBONS Richard has always understood that mechanical engineering serves the process – not the opposite. By building its own equipment, the company ensures that quality guides the manufacturing process every step of the way. Les BONBONS Richard’s unique and world famous maple sweets, among others, were born from this tradition and attention to detail.

As an industry leader, Les BONBONS Richard continues to develop partnerships with companies that seek to develop new products and new packaging that can be made available to consumers quickly and efficiently. Computer controlled production lines and minutely monitored quality assurance may be light years away from twirling and ironing waxed paper, but the passion and the attention to detail live on.